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Spa Gift Kit by Shae | Rose Milk Bath & Cinnamon Massage Bar

Spa Gift Kit by Shae | Rose Milk Bath & Cinnamon Massage Bar

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Each box contains two jars of Shae skincare products, a plush little towel & a signature herbal tea giving you a perfect spa gift kit for varied occasions.

Please refer to individual product description to know details of your box.

1. Rose Milk Bath Soak by Shae (100 gm) | Rose Essential Oil - Himalayan Salt - Coconut Milk | Best for hydrating dry skin and relaxing sore muscles

Soothe & Relax
The natural Himalayan pink salt in this luxurious milk bath soak relaxes and soothes the tired muscles. Coconut milk and rose essential oil deeply hydrate and nourish the skin, resulting in softer, more supple and healthier looking skin.
The​ ​natural Himalayan​ ​pink salt​ ​in​ ​this​ ​luxurious milk​ ​bath soak​ ​relaxes​ ​and rejuvenates​ ​the muscles​ ​and​ ​the coconut​ ​milk​ ​and​ ​rose essential​ ​oil​ ​deeply hydrates​ ​and​ ​tone​ ​the skin.

2. Cinnamon Massage Bar by Shae (80 gm) | All natural Massage Oil Replacement with shea butter grapeseed oil Essential oils Vitamin E – Lotion bar – Deep Moisturizer | Relax Sore Muscles – Long lasting moisture retained by beeswax Cinnamon anti aging, cleaning & anti wrinkle hydrating

Intense​ ​moisturizing and​ ​hydrating​ ​lotion bars​ ​nourish​ ​the​ ​skin and​ ​lock​ ​in​ ​moisture, keeping​ ​your​ ​skin​ ​soft and​ ​supple​ ​for​ ​longer. Cinnamon​ ​Essential oil​ ​promotes​ ​blood circulation​ leading to a glowing and younger looking skin overall, ​and​ ​Shea butter​ ​nurtures​ ​the skin.

3. Face towel 

4. Green tea pouch


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