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"My skin feels great. The almond makes it really rich and the scrub makes the skin feel light and fresh. I use this product weekly and I highly recommend it."

Ritika - Pune, India

Loved the Honeycomb Salve. Its ideal for dry skin during winters. Very rich.

Shilpoo Anand - New Jersey, US

I like the tingling sensation of the peppermint lip balm. My lips feel plumper and brighter. It's my go to daily use lip balm.

Lodan - Doha, Qatar

I have tried the Coffee Body Polish. It has helped my legs look smoother and it provides a nice shine right after use since it is oil based. The coffee granules are very effective for getting rid of small ingrown hair. I use it once a month at least.   

Sneha K - Bangalore, India

I got your Lavender and Honeycomb Gift Box last Christmas for my mom. She has been hooked on to them since. I have ordered the scrub for her again. She loves gardening and her hands really take the toll. The salve has saved her from cracked skin.  Lovely products. Thanks!  

Paula M - Boston, US

How do you pamper your nails?

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