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About Shae

"Shae" in some ancient languages means a Gift.

And a loving gift from mother nature is what we envision it would be to you too. 

Shae is a brand of all natural, clean and fuss free skincare essentials. Our philosophy is staying as close to nature as possible. We take special care to ensure our ingredients are the purest and their processing is kept to the minimum to retain all the goodness in their essence.

Our range includes rich and nourishing moisturisers, scrubs, bath soaks, massage bars, and more. Each product handcrafted from botanical butters, essential oils, mineral clays, natural exfoliants, herbs, nuts, roots and grains, keeping the wellbeing of our largest organ, the skin, in mind and complimenting your skin care routine for brighter, softer and healthier looking skin.

Shae is gentle on your skin.

Rest assured, no synthetic and harmful chemicals find their way into our formulations.  

"My skin feels great. The almond makes it really rich and the scrub makes the skin feel light and fresh. I use this product weekly and I highly recommend it."

Ritika - Pune, India

Loved the Honeycomb Salve. Its ideal for dry skin during winters. Very rich.

Shilpoo Anand - New Jersey, US

I like the tingling sensation of the peppermint lip balm. My lips feel plumper and brighter. It's my go to daily use lip balm.

Lodan - Doha, Qatar

I have tried the Coffee Body Polish. It has helped my legs look smoother and it provides a nice shine right after use since it is oil based. The coffee granules are very effective for getting rid of small ingrown hair. I use it once a month at least.   

Sneha K - Bangalore, India

I got your Lavender and Honeycomb Gift Box last Christmas for my mom. She has been hooked on to them since. I have ordered the scrub for her again. She loves gardening and her hands really take the toll. The salve has saved her from cracked skin.  Lovely products. Thanks!  

Paula M - Boston, US

How do you pamper your nails?

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