Spa Gift Kit by Shae | Green Tea Facial Mask & Almond Facial Grains

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Each box contains two jars of handmade Shae skincare product, a plush little towel & a signature herbal tea giving you a perfect spa gift kit for varied occasions. Please refer to individual product description to know details of your box.

1. Green Tea Facial Mask (100 gm) by Shae | All Natural Healing Green Tea Honey Clay Mask | Deep Pore Cleansing Detox Anti Aging Face Pack with French Green Tea Skin brightening, anti aging, cleaning & anti wrinkle Facial Mask

Refresh & Purify - Green tea, honey and green French clay come together to form this nourishing and detoxifying face mask. A rich combination of honey, olive oil and vitamin E nurtures the skin, while green tea along with French clay absorb impurities from deep within the skin, promoting younger looking, tighter skin.

2. Almond Cleansing Facial Grains by Shae (50 gm) | All natural sulphate free deep pore cleansing gentle facial scrub & mud mask with almond oil and coconut milk for younger looking firmer skin Tightening, anti aging, cleaning & anti wrinkle Facial Cleanser

3. A soft face towel 

4. Green tea in a jute pouch