About Shae

Shae Lavender Scrub

Shae is a brand of all natural skincare products, focused on anhydrous formulations. 

Anhydrous or waterless formulations lead to more potent products, the effects of which last longer and do not leave behind unwanted residue of harmful chemicals.

Shae's mission is to build a line of skincare essentials that nurture the skin naturally and sustainably. 


Water-less Skincare

We demand more potent and longer lasting positive effects from our products.

It is our relentless pursuit of the purest ingredients, least possible processing steps, and decidedly water-free formulations that helps us achieve this set expectation. 

Our range of naturally scented skincare essentials add a touch of fuss-free pampering to your daily routine, nourishing your skin and helping to protect it from the modern hazards of stress and polution.