Make Lavender Your Magic Potion

Make Lavender Your Magic Potion

Derived from the lavender plant, Lavender essential oil can either be orally taken, applied on the skin, or inhaled through the aromatherapy process.

Lavender is the perfect solution for many skin problems that are stealing your night’s sleep. Lavender essential oil is a trusted magical potion that will never let you down from achieving a bright and gorgeous skin.

Skin rejuvenating Properties of Lavender

Before we share the benefits of this essential oil with you, let us start with few facts. Because it’s always better to know your ingredient well!

  • Lavender oil is considered to be most effective for body massages
  • Lavender is a natural antiseptic. It has antiviral properties that help the skin cleanse the impurities
  • It has anti-inflammatory substances, helping in reducing sunburn
  • This essential oil improves the skin condition in various ways; it can reduce wrinkles, lighten skin and lessen acne problems
  • Lavender oil consists of various herbs that improve skin elasticity to marked extent

 Benefits of using Lavender for skin care

  • Acts as a detoxifying solution for skin

With frequent exposure to pollution, skin cells become dull and inactive. But, lavender is there to your rescue. It has powerful antioxidants that act as a natural remedy against harmful effects of pollution.

  • Treating tired muscles

Working for hours in the office makes anyone tired, but some self pampering with products having lavender can act as a magic to your tired muscles. Lavender oil is found to be excellent in treating tired muscles. You can soak your hand and feet in the lavender oil-water. It acts as a natural ingredient for our hand and foot scrub.

  • Lavender oil as a skin toner

Lavender has perfect skin toning properties. It makes your skin firm and boosts blood circulation, resulting in an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrition in the skin cells. Lavender boosts the renewal process of skin cells.

Lavender has many beneficial uses for the skin. it is your perfect companion for skincare. Now when you know the benefits, time to put some lavender in your cart!






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