Dry Lips S.O.S.

Dry Lips S.O.S.

How to Keep Chapped Lips Away for Good.


Dry lips and peeling skin can happen at any time of the year. Not only the winter dryness, but also summer heat, harsh chemicals, and even certain habits like smoking can make chapped lips a problem for you.  

Worried about your dry and chapped lips? Fret no more! Here we share the most effective remedies to heal and nurture the delicate skin on your lips.

Undoubtedly, chapped lips are the result of extreme dryness. For some, it is a concern in winter but most of us experience it throughout the year. Remember that keeping your body hydrated is the first step to healthy, bright lips.

Causes of chapped lips:

  • Mind how many times you irritate your lips! YES. Licking, chewing and pulling the lips are predominant causes of unusual dryness of the lips
  • Humidity level decreases when the temperature falls in winter. Dryness of this season draws the moisture away from the skin
  • Some lip balms, lipsticks, contain some harmful chemicals that are too harsh for your lips
  • Some medicines contain ingredients such as Benzoyl peroxide, and this can dry out your lips
  • Salty and spicy foods also contribute to dry and damaged skin on lips

How to cure chapped lips:

Chapped lips or cheilitis is a common skin issue. As the skin on your lips is thinner and softer than other areas of the body, sunlight and air can easily make them dry and cracked.

Also, our lips do not have oil glands and thus it can't produce any moisture. Some natural ingredients can help them to get moisture and to heal. Sometimes a few processes of lifestyle management are enough to get rid of this unwanted challenge. 

  • Drink lots of water! Dry lips are one of the more obvious signs of dehydration
  • You need a deeply hydrating lip balm which will provide you with a protective layer that would nurthure the skin and retain the moisture
  • There are several natural ingredients that work as a perfect remedy for the peeling lips. To moisturize your lips, you can directly use aloe vera or coconut oil. Virgin botanical oils and butter nourish the skin. These natural remedies fight inflammation, and gently soothe the cracked lips
  • Follow a strict skin care routine for your entire face and neck that also includes scrubbing your lips once a week and moisturising them daily
  • Find a skincare brand that’s renowned for their focus on using pure organic ingredients and avoid harmful chemicals in skincare and cosmetics that further damage the skin 
  • Lip balms that contain peppermint or cinnamon essential oil help increase blood flow to your lips and therefore create an impression of fuller lips naturally, while also nurturing and caring for your lips

Some ingredients that heals your chapped lips:

As mentioned earlier, there are various natural ingredients that can cure your dry lips:

  • Mango butter: mango butter is a rich moisturizer, makes your lips happy and healthy.
  • Shea and Cocoa butter: Shea butter is rich in moisture, it acts as the perfect lip balm and it brilliantly takes care of dry and chapped lips. Cocoa butter keeps your skin hydrated and soft for a long time.
  • Olive and grape-seed oil: It provides you with healthy fatty acids, which take care of lips moisturizing them. Grape-seed oil plays a role of high antioxidant.
  • Vitamin E: vitamin e helps to generate new cells and helps in blood circulation. It stops the irritation.
  • Essential Oils: brilliantly relieves the peeling and bleeding lips.

Remember, besides using the best products that suits your purpose, you have to be patient. Cracked and chapped lips cannot be cured in a day! But a consistent care regime and relying on good products definitely makes it easier to deal with chapped lips.

Now that you know the root causes and how to make them disappear, it's time to work on it! Find the best lip balm for dry lips and use it to make your lips moisturized and nourished. Don’t forget to check the ingredient before buying.

Try our Hydrating and Plumping Lip balm with the goodness of Peppermint essential oil and start your lip care regime today! 




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