Almonds: Nature's Nuggets of Nurture

Almonds: Nature's Nuggets of Nurture

You might know already that almonds protect your heart’s health. But are you aware of their benefits for your skin too?

Almond is embraced in skin care from time infinity. And there are some reasons why.

Use an almond face pack to kick out extra oil:

Add almond face pack in your skincare routine. With the regular use of almond face pack, you can easily lock your excess oil as the fatty acid of almond dissolve the extra oil from your skin. Not only this, but the retinoid of almond also reduces the acne that appears on the skin.

Reduce sun tan

Did you know that almond skin helps in reducing sun tan? Since almond oil is rich in vitamin E, it can easily help in reducing the suntan post exposure to UV rays.

Enhance your skin tone

Daily usage of almond oil on your skin can enhance your skin’s complexion. The emollient properties of almond not only enhance the complexion of your skin, but it also improves your skin tone. 

Reduce appearance of stretch marks and scars

In Ayurvedic medicine, almond oil is used in reducing scars and stretch marks. As almond oil content vitamin E, it also smoothens your skin. 

Dry skin treatment

Almond can be used as one of the best natural skin care remedies to overcome your dry skin problems such as eczema as well as psoriasis.

Almond oil not only adds a glow to your skin but also softens and repairs it due to its high nutrient contents and anti-inflammatory properties.

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