9 Tips For Happy Skin This Monsoon

9 Tips For Happy Skin This Monsoon

It’s monsoon again and as much as we love the rains, they do bring along some concerns for our skin. Here are some tips to help you get through this mushy season without dampening your spirits.

1. Cleanse more often

Humid weather creates a breeding ground for bacteria that can harm your skin by causing breakouts. You can avoid this by washing your face more often. Just ensure you use a gentle face wash that does not contain any harmful ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, etc.

2. Don’t forget to apply toner

A good toner minimises open pores to prevent dirt and grime to accumulate onto the skin. It also keeps the pH level of the skin maintained. During monsoon, given the constant humidity in the air, your skin’s pH level fluctuates. Adding a toner after cleansing will help stabilise the pH levels to normal.

3. Keep your skin dry

We don’t mean you should stop using a moisturiser. In fact, that is a step you should not skip at all. What you really need to avoid is having rain water stay on your skin for too long. Given the amount of pollution around us, the rainwater is not usually pristine. Hence, its best to rinse the skin and pat it dry as early as soon as possible after being exposed to rain drops.

4. Use sunscreen 

The UV rays can harm your skin even during cloudy days. In fact, during monsoon your skin is more susceptible to damage. Therefore, make sure that you don’t forget to use a good sunscreen of SPF 30 or above, come rain or shine.

5. Apply Face Packs

A face pack containing mineral clays can help absorb impurities trapped in the oil on your skin. Additionally, other natural ingredients in facial masks can help nourish your skin and keep it healthier and glowing.

6. More Mani-Pedis!

Excess humidity makes the skin prone to infections, especially under your nails. Moreover, allowing your body hair to grow too long could trap more bacteria and debris, making you vulnerable to infections. Regular epilation and more frequent manicure and pedicure, even the DIY ones at home will help avoid the discomfort of breakouts. Shae’s Lavender hand and foot scrub is a good option for a quick tips and toes pampering at home.

7. Use warm water

The high levels of moisture could cause your skin to become oily and attract more harmful bacteria. The build-up of oil and products on the skin can clog the pores. Using warm water on your skin will help wash them away more effectively and helps you deep cleanse your skin.

8. Exfoliate often

To prevent build-up from causing acne or rashes, remove dead skin cells with the help of regular exfoliation. A gentle scrub applied at least twice a week will help keep your skin clean and smooth by buffing away all the build-up. The gentle scrubbing action also promotes the proper flow of blood, which could aid in maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

A body scrub such as Shae’s Coffee Body Polish can help you achieve all this while you enjoy its heavenly, sweet scent.

9. Use less makeup

Use light weight and waterproof makeup. And, keep it to a bare minimum. Try using BB creams instead of a foundation. The lesser products you apply, higher are the chances of your skin looking healthy with a natural glow.




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